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May 9, 2012
More Than a Century of Tradition Continues

When you run a company like R.K. Rubber, which has been a going concern since William McKinley was president, you cant help but feel proud. For starters, theres the sheer longevity factor, which stems from a simple fact: You only stay in business for more than 114 years by being very good at what you do.

Along the way, through word-of-mouth referrals, we established a reputation that we strive mightily to keep unsullied. And last but not least, weve built a team with more than 150 years of combined experienceguys who dont flinch when asked to find innovative, unique solutions to customer problems. In short, you wont hear the words We cant do that very often in our shop. And we aim to keep it that way for another century.

Don Gutknecht, owner and president

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