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September 10, 2012
Ongoing Innovation Forged by Old World Ideas

Possibly RK Rubbers most well-kept secret is where its origin stems from.

Think about Milwaukee and you tend to think about hops, malt and barley  it is, after all, one of the countrys top beer producing centers. So its not unusual that one of RK Rubbers founders, Ludwig Korfmann, worked with Charles Baumbach Co., a brewery supply and equipment company, in the late 1800s. Later becoming a partner and changing the company name to Reichel-Korfmann Co., Korfmann forged a connection with rubber products by supplying corks, bungs, hose, rubber buckets, and flat power-transmission belts to breweries.

RK Rubbers rich history of entrepreneurship and innovation continues today through leadership that explores new ideas and delivers solutions to its customers. Although were not in the beer industry any more, our successful heritage of commitment and a quest for ingenuity is still driving us today.

Prost! (cheers)
Dell Gutknecht, general manager

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