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Silicone Rubber Materials

Silicone rubber is a semi-organic synthetic compound that offers protection in extreme conditions. High temperature silicone is weather and fire resistant and a great insulator. Silicone has low tensile abrasion and chemical resistance.
Elastomer Color Durometer
Tensile Strength
Range (psi)
Range (Fahrenheit)
Elongation Thickness
Range (inches)
Silicone Multiple 25-80 600 -80° to +450°,
(500° intermittence)
0.010 – 1

Fulfilling an industry need


After a century of fabricating quality parts using a wide range of rubber compounds, we have extended our material capabilities to include silicone rubber fabrication.

Across multiple industries, we saw a clear need for a fabricator willing to take the time and effort to consistently produce silicone rubber parts at a high standard of quality. Buyers who need silicone parts no longer have to put up with fabricators who shortcut their manufacturing processes and ultimately produce weak products. The same high standard and integrity we put into our rubber fabrication is available in silicone parts production.

 Silicone Rubber (Polysiloxane, TA)

Silicone contains a chain of silicon and oxygen atoms, rather than carbon and hydrogen found in other rubber products. This results in a very flexible structure with a wide range of high-performance physical, mechanical and chemical properties. Silicone’s chemical structure creates a fusion of the qualities of metals, with the diversity of plastic.

Properties of Silicone Rubber

  • Cures Fast
  • Chemically Inert – Odorless, Tasteless and Creates No Byproducts
  • Durometer-Available from Soft to Hard
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Extrude, Mold or Press
  • Flexible
  • Low and High Temperature Performance
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Insulating, Heat Dissipating
  • Resilient
  • Resistant to –
    • Aging
    • Chemicals
    • Flame and Heat
    • Oils
    • Oxidation
    • Ozone
    • Tearing
    • Weather
    • Wear
  • Excellent Sealing and Bonding Properties
  • Self-Lubricating Formulas Available
  • Translucent or Easy to Color

Typical Applications for Silicone Rubber

Silicone’s unique properties make it ideal for a wide range of manufacturing applications in industries including:
automotive, aviation and aerospace, bake and cookware, cable, electronics, engines, molding, semi-conductors, and toys.


  • Diaphragms, Fluid- and Oil-resistant Products
  • Electrically Insulated Parts with Protective Silicone Coatings
  • Electrical Voltage Transmitting Parts
  • Flexible Connectors
  • Flexible Products and Utensils
  • Freezer-to-Oven Cookware
  • Gaskets & Seals with Heat/Cold Resistance
  • Molds, Felxible and Easy-Release
  • Non-Stick Products
  • Reproductions (Art, Hobby, Museum Pieces)
  • Sound-Proofing or Noise-Dampening Products
  • Semi-Conductor Housings