Rubber Gaskets, O-Rings and Sealing Rings

We fabricate rubber designs to meet unique needs for gaskets, O-rings, and sealing products using high-quality rubber materials. We offer die cut and hand fabricated options in order to meet each project’s requirements.

Custom Rubber Gasket Fabrications Include:

  • Flange Gaskets (Square, Round or Rectangular)
  • O-Rings & Sealing Rings (1/8” – 2” cross section)
  • Large Diameter Tunneling Gaskets
  • Brewery and Tank Gaskets
  • Machine & Beverage-grade Gaskets
  • Rubber Grommets
  • Rubber Washers
  • Door Seals
  • Manway Gaskets
  • Machined or Extruded Profiles (Bevels, Grooves, Chamfers)

Quick Order Turnaround
We fabricate large and small orders accurately and quickly to meet your needs. Our flexible scheduling options accommodate short or long production runs.

Custom Rubber Designs
Our expert craftsmen use a wide range of rubber materials to design the type of gaskets necessary for your project. Using your exacting specifications, we’ll provide the most durable, high-quality products needed for top performance from your equipment.

Process Engineering Expertise
Consult with us prior to the design and manufacturing stage to resolve any questions regarding rubber parts material properties. We provide helpful recommendations for fabrication ideas, material options and design solutions, including cost-saving suggestions.

house shaped machine profile
vulcanizing extruded gasket
brewery gasket
flange gasket
tank gasket
die cut gasket
die & gasket