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RK Rubber: A History of Solving Problems

Founded in 1898, Reichel-Korfmann Co. Inc. – also known as RK Rubber – is one of the country’s most-respected fabricators of industrial rubber parts. That reputation comes hard earned, forged by solving problems with innovative, customized solutions that minimize downtime and keep factories and processes humming, year after year, decade after decade.

To survive and thrive for more than 120 years requires a certain business DNA – that uncanny knack for adapting to changing business trends and climates. Over the years, RK Rubber has done just that by growing and evolving into a company that’s as resilient as the rubber it uses to fabricate custom parts and components.

When rubber parts fail; belts engineered by original-equipment manufacturers don’t do the job; or industrial processes require custom-designed and manufactured rubber parts, companies know to call RK Rubber.